Get Well Connected Nothing is more essential for you network, than the cabling. Ultra Reliable Blazzing Fast Secure and Scaleable

Voice and Data Network Cabling

Voice and data network cabling infrastructure is the foundation of your entire system and no network can exist without it, nor operate efficiently if it is not properly designed and installed, data will be transmitted slower, information can be corrupted or lost. Choosing a cabling contractor that can design the right system and install it properly is vital for the success of your business operations as new technology is adopted.

We can design a complete, end-to-end voice and data network cabling system to fit every budget. Professional network cable installers and technicians deliver an unprecedented level of workmanship,  from system planning to the design and engineering of voice and data cabling upgrades to full network cabling, video surveillance systems installations and retro-fit solutions. With our attention to detail, we not only provide an economic fully functional IT infrastructure, but an aesthetically pleasing showcase

Why Are We The Best?

The main principle of our work “be focused on customer needs”. cloudworx is a customer-oriented company. Our customers and their businesses are the core value for us, and we do our best to provide them with highest quality products and services with no compromises and exceptions.

We know for sure that our products used to manage overall network infrastructure are mission-critical tools for IT departments of our clients. There is no space for errors when the health of the entire network depends on one product.

cloudworx is built on the principle that success in every phase of development requires specialized skills. That is why we offer committed, knowledgeable consultants with hands-on experience and technical expertise you can count on.

Our consultants are thought leaders in telecommunications industry who understand your challenges and provide customized solutions to meet your business objectives, from small business to enterprise corporations, focused consultations on specific technical, regulatory, or operational issues or comprehensive management of an entire converged voice and data solution.

Our broad range of services can help enhance your company’s value every step of the way.

We want our customers to have a positive experience in all their dealings with us. We aim at fulfilling our customers’ expectations in regard to all aspects of our engagement, not least in regard to delivering on time and according to budget.

Our Network Cabling Includes

  • CAT5e, CAT6 and Fiber Optic Network Cabling for Video Surveillance Systems

  • Voice and Data Network Cable-LAN/WAN/WLAN Network

  • Coaxial Based Ethernet Systems

  • Fiber Optics Network Cabling

  • Testing-Labling and Certification
  • Pre-Installation Network Site Surveys

  • Physical Network Layer Design and Standards Formulation

  • Network Cabling Systems Architecture and Layout

  • Project Management
  • 1 to 10 Gbps Speed, CAT5e, CAT6 Network Cabling

Nothing Is More Essential for Your Network Than the Cabling!

Any solid data-telephony network is based on a quality-cabling infrastructure,
which holds the whole system together.