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3 Ways Hosted Cloud PBX Saves Money

These days, companies are demanding more from their technology. At the same time, IT budgets are decreasing, widening the gap between what employees want—and need to be more productive—and what IT can offer. The trick is to find technologies that make the most of the budget. Enter VoIP Business Phone systems, Hosted Cloud PBX [...]

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Telework Is Now

Telework and the Office Today: The Top 5 Reasons It Just Makes Sense.  In the business world today, rapid advancements in communications technologies make it possible more than ever for employees in compatible jobs, to telework. In coffee shops, on the street, on planes, trains and in automobiles – virtually everywhere, people are using [...]

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Importance Of A Communications Infrastructure Consultation

Without a proper communications infrastructure, companies can become ineffective. Missed or dropped calls can mean a lost order, unsent emails can lead to frustrated customers, and a lack of efficiency can mean paying more for services than you can afford. That’s why it’s important for business owners to hire a consultant to assist them [...]

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VoIP Is A Reliable Business Tool

VoIP is a reliable business tool and should be taken seriously by small business owners to help with growth. Here’s how it could work for your business. Being able to communicate effectively is critical to all businesses regardless of size, age or industry. A business which communicates well has a better chance of finding new prospects, [...]